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My Life Philosophy

I'm raw. I'm real, and I'm passionate in all areas of my life. I follow my intuition in all that I do and I'm emotionally connected.....My passion sometimes overshadows the fact that I can't always express myself verbally, therefore I express myself creatively. And as with my music, my range is wide and colorful. I bring that same raw attitude and passion when it comes to cooking food and I'm not afraid of failing by trying something new....

Could I have predicted all those years back that one day I'd be writing a memorandum about myself, while sharing my outlook, on life, food, and its benefits to our health? Perhaps not, but we can never know where life will lead us and so hopefully you'll take something aways from my insights on aging sensibly in this wonderful book titled RAW (Re-define Artistic Within)



Fanga Food Introduction


Why is it that we are so obsessive over food?

What makes us eat unnecessarily?

Why is it that eating healthy for most of us is problematic?

I may not have the answers but I would like to share my thought on this tug of war with our often insatiable appetite for food.

I'm not a professional chef, nutritionist or dietician. I'm just someone who loves to treat myself with respect for optimal health and so the Fanga food balances and recipes in this cookbook are an extension of my lifestyle.


This cookbook was inspired by my Fanga Kitchen Facebook page - Eating for Life - which emphasizes clean eating while creating delicious yet simple ways to entice the palate. 

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