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FANGA Gospel Choir

Led by Artistic Director: Hillary Sargeant &

Musical Director: Nissan Kolko

Fanga Gospel Choir blends sopranos, tenors, bass and baritones and transforms traditional and contemporary hymns into pore-raising performances for those privileged to attend.

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FANGA Israeli African Gospel Choir

Fanga Gospel Choir blends sopranos, tenors, bass and baritones and transforms traditional and contemporary hymns into pore-raising performances for those privileged to attend. Founded in 2019 and led by artistic director, Hillary Sargeant and musical director, Nitsan Kolko, the choir represents a fusion of international voices from the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Canada, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, and Israel all culminating as one voice in the Holy Land.

The FANGA choir’s vibrations and frequencies are based on a technique developed by Sargeant and coined "The FANGA Method" which encourages each singer to find and embrace their own voice and colour. Bringing over 30 years of experience of singing and songwriting to this group, Sargeant ensures that every production is filled with each member's personality and life story; While Nitsan ensures that the musical message translates into authentic soulful grooves that leave the audience enthralled after every performance.

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"At first I didn't know what to expect because as a Jew I am not into Gospel music, but wow! Once the FANGA choir began I was so enchanted by the songs that I cried during many of their performances. This is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime."

Pam Peled, Jerusalem Post

About Us

Hillary Sargeant


Vocalist/songwriter with a passion for life, music and people. I have spent many years crafting and developing my talent to reach my present point. Although I still have a long way to go I am truly grateful for the energies and blessings that the universe has poured into my life. And despite all the difficulties and challenges faced I am excited to share this journey. I chose to use the power within me to do anything and everything that’s inspirational and empowering to others, impacting lives as much as I can through my life’s passage.

Nitsan Kolko


Israeli/Brooklyn-based pianist, composer, and arranger. His latest projects include: a debut album “Allusions” with clarinettist Hillai Green, arranging Brazilian music for an ensemble of strings and woodwinds, arranging music for a big band, as well as composing and conducting a concept piece for the Fanga Gospel Choir.

Nitsan has played as a sideman with some of Israel’s leading jazz musicians in festivals all around the world. He is the recipient of the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship, the Israeli Conservatory of Music Exc ellence Scholarship, and the Israeli army “Outstanding Musician” award. Nitsan graduated from the New School in NYC with honours under the instruction of Sam Yahel, Glenn Zaleski, Shai Maestro, and others.

Shai Bachar 

Musical Director of FANGA Band, Shai lends his talent to the FANGA choir for special arrangements.


Shai is a classically trained pianist and composer. Born in Jerusalem's cultural melting pot, his sound is informed by his immersion in jazz, Middle-Eastern and electronic music, and is distinguished by his bold synthesis of these musical traditions.

Currently he performs with Avishai Cohen.

Board Members

Meet FANGA Choir board members, the group of individuals we are proud to help oversee our growth and business on behalf of the members.

Future Planning & Development

The choir has made it a goal to tour throughout Israel and Europe in order to showcase its unique and mesmerising sound while expanding its fan base worldwide. Another aim for the choir is to collaborate on creative projects with Israeli and international artists, injecting the power of music in order to promote the bridging of cultures, while bringing the authenticity of the Fanga philosophy to the fore. The Fanga choir is in the process of recording and sharing its music online across all platforms for maximum exposure to its unique sound. Through live performance and recording, the choir has brought new aspects of Israeli fusion culture to the world. Showcasing new multicultural projects, the choir also presents a positive message of cultural diversity and cohesion in Israel through creative renditions of well-known Hebrew songs like YOM YAVO - recreated and reinterpreted in a way that’s never been done or heard before.


FANGA Choir - i24 NEWS

FANGA Choir - i24 NEWS

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"This choir is a must see. The way they reimagine each and every song you forget it's Gospel music you are listening to."

Joseph Efraim


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