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ABOUT : FANGA Israeli African Gospel Choir

The Fanga Israeli African Gospel Choir (FIAGC) showcases the power of music. It unites vibrational frequencies and blends a colourful tapestry woven in sound, bridging the generation gap and cultural diversity which lends itself to its core meaning, "BLENDED".


Hillary Sargeant, is the choir director and arranger of FIAGC. Coming from Trinidad & Tobago, living In Israel brought to her the experience of “Who I am” musically, while adding the joys of mixing with so many cultures and people.


Trained as a classical singer at the prestigious Walter School of Music she discovered it wasn't enough and wanted more. She wanted to see the world and learn from it , which brought her to find her Fanga! (The Power within Me).


Fanga became an extension of her lifestyle, her philosophy, her ability to reaching out to others, helping them understand that “their difference is their genius” and that they can do what's in them while emphasizing the importance of not replicating others.


Having the Fanga-IAGC is part of Hillary's elusive dream coming to life. It is bridging the cultural and social stigma that is so often associated with Israel in a negative manner.

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