"To whom much is given, much is expected" Mahatma Ghandi


FANGA! CARING & SHARING PROGRAM is another facet of FANGA. Taking what little we have and sharing it with others is what holds the fabric of our humanity together. We give thanks regardless of our circumstances and take the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than ourselves.


We are collecting any items of clothing, bed linen, wheelchairs, furniture or anything that is in good condition and can be used by another. All donations are shipped to Kenya and other parts of Africa to needy families who are more than grateful to receive such assistance.


Should you wish to make a donation do call us at 052 882 0202.


FANGA! (the power within)





These are a just a handful of the angels who have donated so selflessly to the FANGA! CARING & SHARING PROGRAM thus far. We are eternally grateful to each one of you for making this possible and sincerely thank you for your generosity.


Amos and Monique Hoffman & Family for donating beds and all household furniture to the program. 

Marika Shir

Paul Kane

Yoco Khumalo

Ana Maria Ferreira