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Fans & Media Comments:



David Peli "I would like to thank you so much for the gig last night -it was very moving, you looked and sounded at your peak - the more your voice warmed up the more challenging it was and you just triumphed at each tune, including the very moving, your version of Mad World of Tears for Fears and the phrase from Sometimes I Feel- it all sounded together at this pleasant hall with it's good acoustics - the best gig so far, electric atmosphere...


Ora: "Your powerful performance last night left me in awe of your fireball personality.....participating in this unique event renders it fraught with meaning. The range of your cultivated voice is so wide, from the lowest register to the highest. You are wild yet well disciplined. Flooded with emotion and charged with boundless energy, you have delivered and deeply touched your audience. Even your movements bespoke of some ancient ritual, rather than the accepted rhythmical motions associated with band music. You have put (on) a professional show, with great musicians. I loved the stage setting, the lighting and your costumes, especially the one you wore in the first part of the show. So much effort and true artistry had been invested. I hope your talents will be recognized and that your show would be staged again and again.


Ha’aretz: "Hillary Sargeant was Thrilling, Beautiful, and Mesmerizing."


Yossi Harsonski - Ma’ariv: "Exquisite sweet sound, commanding presence and exceptional vocal abilities."

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